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This addition to the Good Times Music family is a little hard to define, but we love it! The band came to record their debut album with us in February of this year, bringing their vibraphone in the back of a barely road legal Volvo estate. We all got along like nuns at the races and there where long nights of red wine drinking and jamming in the true Good Times tradition.

The songs tell stories that are at times funny and others inclined to wry melancholy, Edwin has been writing these songs for the last three or four years and we first ran into them playing on the legendary Small World Stage where they have been cutting there teeth in the tent that has been a home from home to so many bands on the scene from The Scallywags to Smokey Taps to Billy Rowan. Kizzy is Ed’s cousin and studies at the Royal College of music where she is principal percussionist, so the band provides some much needed light relief, not that she feels the pressure because she’s mental! Lilli sings Jazz at Trinity college and adds a touch of class. Sadly this record is the last hurrah of founding member bass player Robin Allison who is moving on to other Dubbier Hip Hoppier things, and the band will begin gigging with a new bass player in May. Also gracing this recording is Christine Cooper a folk fiddle player par excelance, she can also be found story telling, or playing Welsh folk music in Fern Hill. The guitar was laid down by Richard Bushby a songwriter and guitarist who has played with the Ed and Robin since boyhood.

Ed claims the stories on the album are true, and certainly there is an honesty in the way theycome across in our recording. This band is going exciting places and we eagerly anticipate the next batch of songs. Watch this space and keep checking the Good Times music website and You’re likely to find them in a field somewhere this summer – anywhere from Brighton to Northern Ireland. Check out the links on our Soundcloud to ‘Things that Happened and Other Stories’. Enjoy!

The Burning Glass: Things That Happened and Other Stories